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Freedom Concepts Bicycle

Jaylyn's bio as submitted by his family.  

Jaylyn's Journey is about a boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury at four months old from a fall, which caused him to have intellectual developmental delays, losing his ability to speak and walk, spasticity, left-side paralysis, and seizures. Both his biological parents lost custody of Jaylyn and his older brother, who was a year old at the time, which forced both children into foster care.


Eventually, Jaylyn's great-grandmother, a very loving, caring, and godly woman, would adopt Jaylyn and his brother at age 70. She would dedicate the rest of her life to them until her death at age 72 from cancer. Jaylyn's great-grandmother's last wishes before her death were for my husband and me to take and raise the children. Because of the love of God and family instilled in us, we graciously received both boys with open arms. We adopted both Jaylyn and his brother in 2011. Jaylyn has many health challenges that we knew about, but because of our love of family and faith in God, we have been working very hard and diligently to give Jaylyn the best life we can and that he deserves. We've found other resources like The Painted Turtle, a wonderful and fun camp for disabled children, founded by Paul Newman, Make a Wish Foundation, who provided a stairlift for him this year. Other therapies, like HippoTherapy, use riding horses to help patients improve neurologic functions and sensory processes, and they are also used for patients with physical and mental disorders. The list goes on with Pool Therapy, PT, OT, Zip lining, and speech, along with an excellent staff of Doctors at Rady's Children's Hospital.


When you see the video of him riding the Freedom Concept ASR 16, you will see the joy it gives him. We greatly appreciate the fact that you are considering our request.

At Christmas time in 2022, American Mobility Project called Jaylyn's family to let them know Jaylyn was selected to receive a bicycle especially built for him.  Congratulations, Jaylyn and family!  

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