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Brian Beal


William “Brian” Beal lives in Jackson, Tennessee. He has always enjoyed hunting, fishing, the outdoors, traveling, woodworking, and following college football and baseball.


In 2018, while roofing a home in Three Way, Tennessee, Brian passed out and fell 17.5 feet, head first, onto concrete. He was airlifted to Memphis, where he received emergency care and the life-changing diagnosis of paralysis. With his wife, Becky, by his side, they transferred to Vanderbilt to undergo rehabilitation and to learn how to live with paralysis. His children, Blake and Brooke, are a great help and support system for Becky and Brian.


Living in a home with only slight modifications limits what Bran can do. In a manual wheelchair, outdoor activities are very challenging. 


Brian was awarded an iBOT mobility device from American Mobility Project. He looks forward to the freedom it will provide and get him back to doing things he once loved. Gardening, woodworking, playing with the dog, cooking, and being more involved with his family top his list of what he will do when he brings the new iBOT back to Tennessee.

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