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Freedom Concepts Bicycle

Eight-year-old Harper Guidry was born in Phoenix and now resides in Florida. When her mother, Nicole, was 36 weeks pregnant, her parents learned Harper had suffered a stroke in-utero. Her very young life included a lot of therapies and hospitalizations to overcome severe food allergies, gastrointestinal issues, reflux, and to learn how to work with her body's limitations. She lives with seizures, but medication is helping keep those at bay.


Harper loves to hang out with her best bud and cousin, Grace. She loves girly things, dresses, make-up, and painting her nails. Being outdoors and playing in the water are amongst her favorite pastimes.


Harper cannot walk, but the family is hopeful a recent surgery will allow for that. She is non-verbal, but it doesn't stop her from expressing joy and happiness.


Harper loves the specially adapted bike she received from American Mobility Project. It gives her great exercise, a lot of fun, and provides more inclusivity with the neighborhood kids. Go get it, Harper! We love your smile. And remember, the dirtier the tires are, the more fun was had!

Update:  Harper received her bike in the summer of '22 and has been riding around her neighborhood like a champ.  Along making her laugh and smile, the bike helps Harper get stronger and makes her more included among the other kids.  This makes us smile too!

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