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Action Track Chair

Jerry Sharpe was born in 1980 and lives in Morganton, NC. When Jerry was 11 months old, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and would need some special care in life.


Jerry’s mom makes sure Jerry has everything to make his life extraordinary. When Jerry was young, she had a job where she could take him to work with her and eventually started a daycare service for people with special needs, much like Jerry’s.

Jerry graduated from high school, where two of the favorite things he learned were using a touch talker and operating a power wheelchair. 

Jerry spends his time with his devoted mom and stepdad. They always figure out a way to include him in what they do. They love to fish, camp, hike, boat, tube, hunt, visit the drag races and all things outdoors. Jerry is active at his church, loves to socialize, going to Lowes, Rural King, and Tractor Supply.

American Mobility Project has selected Jerry to receive a track chair. It will change Jerry’s life and help his parents as they go on their adventures. He is thinking about much more he will be able to do, see and experience.


Jerry says he is forever grateful for this chair. He says God has been so good to him, and there is so much more in the world he wants to see. 
Well, Jerry, the American Mobility Project family of supporters wants you to see it too!

Update:  Jerry received his Track Chair and he and his family couldn't be happier. Along with photos, we received a note for our donors.

"Jerry is having the time of his life! He has gone so many places he has only dreamed of before!! You have no idea how much what you all have done means! You gave a young man legs for the first time in his life, you make so so many dreams reachable for him! He no longer has to imagine what the woods look like, he can go see his dog, he can go in the water, the list goes on!! I can't thank you all enough for your precious hearts!  I think after you see the video you will see just what an impact you have had on this young man's life!! God bless you all for the servants hearts that you have! You all most definitely have some new gems in your crown! Thank you so much!"

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