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All-Terrain Wheelchair Stoller

Megan is 12 years old and lives in Cedar Hill, TN with her parents, James and Melissa Wray.  Megan was born with Dandy Walker Malformation and cerebral palsy.  Dandy Walker is a congenial brain formation that can cause developmental delay, poor muscle coordination and balance.  Megan has difficulty walking and therefore requires a wheelchair for mobility.  She is nonverbal and requires assistance with all her daily needs.

Megan is a very happy and loving person.  Some of her favorite things include socializing with her school friends, swimming at the YMCA and to go shopping.  She really enjoys being out and about in the community.  Even though she cannot talk, she will let you know she is nearby when you hear her happy vocalizations.

Megan has always enjoyed being outside.  She loves “walking” her dogs up and down the driveway while in her gait trainer, and she likes to ride her adaptive trike.  She loves to touch the leaves on the trees, touch the grass and watch the creek flow by.  We have always tried to help Megan experience as many outdoor activities as she could tolerate.  We would just put her in a wagon and pull her along. We would take her hiking, go to the creek or lake, walk through a pumpkin patch, or just to walk around in our back yard   Since she has grown, a wagon is no longer an option and her wheelchair is very difficult to maneuver outdoors.  Even pushing her wheelchair on outdoor paved walking trails can sometimes become quite challenging. It just takes a small pebble or stick to stop the rolling motion, then you have to back up and roll around the object.  It can be very frustrating at times.

By having an all- terrain wheelchair Megan will no longer to be limited to certain outdoor activities. We will be able to push her over rocks, through gravel, and the grass.  It will be so much easier for her to participate outdoor community events.

Megan will receive her all-terrain wheelchair with all the special wheels for different activities in the summer of ’22.  We await hearing about her fun adventures.  Have a blast, Megan.

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