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iBOT Personal Mobility Device

Cory Reeder has lived in several places all across the US as a military dependent and veteran. His favorite place to live was Germany. He had a short military career in the Army AIT for 93 Bravo. Following his military career, Cory was hired by a label manufacturing company as an IT specialist and was two years into college. 


On a holiday trip to Mississippi, Cory was in a motorcycle crash that resulted in a spinal injury and traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma for months, and when he finally came to, he had no memory of anything or anyone. Cory’s long road to recovery began to improve after his dad bought him a Sega Genesis, and the memories finally began to come to him. 


Today, Corey has been working in IT for over 25 years. He finds great joy in teaching IT skills and mathematics. He is a student teacher at Austin Peay State University and facilitates teaching and math tutoring at Clarksville Youth Enrichment Programs in Clarksville, TN. Eventually, Corey will teach at APSU as an education and math professor. 


Corey realized that his teaching capabilities were limited by the fact that he was sitting down. Corey is receiving an iBOT Personal Mobility Device from American Mobility Project. He is looking forward to the iBOT to aid him in teaching. In his words, “To be able to look people in the eye and have a conversation with equal ‘footing’ is a game changer."

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