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Jeff Messer grew up in Springfield, Vermont where his parents owned a machine shop and an auto parts store.  He spent a lot of time in the store, eventually working at both places. He graduated in 2003 from Universal Technical Institute with a certificate in Automotive Repair.  He also graduated from NASCAR Technical institute in Mooresville, NC in 2005. In 2011, Jeff began working at Green Mountain Power in Vermont as a mechanic. 


On Saturday, June 13, 2013, in Alstead, New Hampshire, Jeff was riding on a Side By Side ATV operated by his best friend when a rollover occurred, resulting in a T-12 complete spinal cord injury for Jeff. During the difficult times ahead, Jeff drew strength and help from his wife, Carly, family and friends.


Jeff transitioned his responsibilities at Green Mountain Power to Power System Controller and went back to work within months of his accident.  He continues to work there.


Jeff likes to keep busy by mowing the lawn, working on vehicles, spending time with family and friends and helping others.  Jeffrey believes the IBOT would be an amazing asset to him. He would be able to reach and perform tasks that are presently out of reach. The device would also allow him to complete additional work functions in the field due to the 4WD mode, gaining access to more work sites. Having a conversation with someone and looking them in the eye instead of him looking up at them would be forever changing. Right now, he does not have the ability to visit his grandparent’s home, the stair climbing option of the IBOT would allow him to do so. So many new adventures would await Jeffrey and his family and American Mobility Project is proud to help Jeffrey get his iBOT Personal Mobility Device.

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