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Adapted Tandem Bicycle

Benedetta (Bene) is a teenage girl who exudes strength and determination. She is very

inquisitive and perceptive. Bene was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth. The CP causes

swallowing, breathing, vision, hearing, development, and communication challenges.

Bene enjoys any opportunity to move outside of her wheelchair and loves her physical therapy (PT)



At PT, Bene discovered an adapted bike that allows movement of her legs on

the pedals and gives her a feeling of freedom to do it independently. Bene sang in her own

style, loud pitch squealing when she was first introduced to a cycle she could use!

The donors committed to American Mobility Project’s mission matched a birthday fundraiser

Bene’s family had for her, and Bene’s bike is being specially built just for her! Oh, Bene, we are

so happy for you and your family! Spending time with her brother, Sean, and other family members and friends will be something Bene will sing about for years to come. 

Bene received her bike in time for Christmas 2023.  She and her family love it so much.  With the wind in herr face, her legs getting movement and exercise, and participating in bike rides with her family, Bene is loving this new found experience. 

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