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Chet Kidd of Statesville, NC, is a cowboy, through and through.  In 2018, while working calves, Chet sustained a serious injury which caused a severe brain bleed, leading to life long injuries.

BUT, Chet isn’t just any ole cowboy.  He’s the real deal—the toughest of the tough and simply doesn’t know “quit.”  He is a double jump a steer for $300 kind of guy.  Rodeo and people are his passions. He impacts lives, today and before his injury.  Whether you call him Stick, Chet, Chester or maybe a little crazy, you’re can believe you’re going to get a  man who leads by example, gives it his all and is always a winner.

It is with great respect, American Mobility Project Board of Directors has selected Chet to be the recipient of a Action Track Stander.  Keep making this world a better place, Chet.


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