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Alana Maye Davis was born two months early on June 23, 2012, with a rare congenital form of Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1. DM1  is a multisystem disorder that affects skeletal and smooth muscle, eyes, heart, endocrine, and central nervous systems. DM1 is characterized by hypotonia, severe generalized weakness at birth, respiratory insufficiency, intellectual disability, and early death. Alana has pulmonary stenosis and is non-verbal and non-mobile.


Alana’s mother passed away in 2019 from the same condition Alana has. Her dedicated grandmother and grandfather feel very blessed to raise her, and Alana’s specialists at Vanderbilt are amazed at how well she has done. Alana is tube-fed and non-mobile but sees a physical therapist every week. 


The happiest her grandparents have ever seen Alana is when she is on the Freedom Concepts mobility bike.

With therapy, she has begun to push the pedals! She finds much joy in this accomplishment, and it helps her continue her physical activity, which is crucial to keeping her body moving.

There is great hope that someday, she will take that first step. The bike is such an essential part of her therapy.


American Mobility Project is proud to provide Alana with her own Freedom Concepts adapted bike so she can ride at home and gain more strength as she is having fun. Go, Alana, Go!

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