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Hope is a 2020 graduate of Richland High School in Pulaski, TN.  She is attending Mississippi State University to study Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hope’s goal is to earn a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in both large and small animals and eventually open a vet clinic in her hometown of Pulaski.

When Hope was 13 years old she was riding a four-wheeler on her family farm and had a freak, unexpected accident.   She broke her back and was paralyzed from the waist down.  

Hope is a born leader.  As the student body president and the recipient of several scholarships, it is evident Hope’s hard-working nature is respected by her peers and the adults in her life. 

Hope is the daughter of Kim and Daniel Drake.  Hope’s family is a great support system for her and she enjoys living on the farm with them. Playing baseball, basketball, cards as well as riding horses are some of her favorite things do with her brothers Cole and Kam.   

Via a Zoom call during the pandemic In April 2020, the board members of American Mobility Project surprised Hope with the news that she is the foundation’s second recipient of an iBOT mobility device.  The generosity of the supporters of the foundation, along with the corporate donors, made this life-changing equipment a reality for Hope, her future, and her family. In July of 2020 Hope and her mom travelled to New Hampshire to be trained in her new iBOT mobility device and Hope brought it back with her on the plane.  So, not only is Hope going off to Mississippi State, her iBOT is going too!

Hope is using her iBOT all around the family farm.  She works with the horses, spends time with her active brothers and we think her tires have probably made contact with every bit of dirt there, Her parents are equally excited to see their beautiful daughter have more opportunities and the ability to be more independent when she is out amongst people.  Talking with people at eye level is one of Hope's favorite features. Hope’s dad, Dan, loves seeing Hope work with the animals with ease,  while mom is excited that Hope is more help in the kitchen.  Her youngest brother,  Brothers, Kam and Cole, love that Hope can be more active with them outside.  

Keep reaching for the stars, Kiddo.  You are a superstar, Hope!  We are excited to see you flourish.  

iBOT Personal Mobility Device Recipient 


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