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Matthew Hunt lives in Marshall County, Kentucky. He enjoys duck hunting, boating in the summer, and sports. During his school years, Matthew played baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. He enjoys spending time with family and friends.  


A car accident in October of 2020 caused a spinal cord injury at the T10 level, leaving Matthew with paraplegia. He has been working very hard to learn how to do things differently. 


Matthew is looking forward to learning how to drive soon and have the ability to go places independently. He has been able to go tow work with the assistance of his iBOT.   He works hard to be comfortable with himself and be independent as much as possible. Overall, his biggest goal is to go back to a somewhat normal everyday life with family and his community's support. 


Matthew was awarded an iBOT Personal Mobility Device at the American Mobility Project Second Annual Fundraiser Banquet on February 23rd and traveled to New Hampshire in May to pick up his iBOT. We can't wait to see where Matthew will go and what he will achieve. 

Update:  Matthew is enjoying his iBOT and it has allowed him to go back to work in a position he enjoys. Matthew says,  "Since starting back at work, the IBOT has made the transition much easier. I would not be able to fully do my job without it. Plus it is a great conversation starter with all of the customers because they are so amused by the iBOT because of it's advanced technology."


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