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Tammy Renfro - iBOT.png

iBOT Personal Mobility Device

Tammy Renfro, an Austin, TX police officer and Army veteran, was tragically injured in August 2018 when an ATV accident resulted in paraplegia and a Traumatic Brain Injury. Despite her injuries, Tammy has adopted the slogan of “Attack the Day” and lives each day to the fullest.


An iBOT will help Tammy gain a new level of independence on her journey. She considers herself a warrior at heart and will not let her injury define her. Along with her husband, Cortney, and their family, they remind everyone that her injury is just a “new way” of life.


Tammy and Cortney are proud grandparents and live on the same property as her elderly parents.mobility freedom.  We are excited for Tammy and Cortney!

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