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Adapted Bicycle


Paetyn is a sweet and happy girl born in 2019. A few months after her birth, she started to show signs of health concerns with delayed sitting and crawling and was diagnosed with low muscle tone. After much genetic testing, it was determined that Paetyn has a genetic condition that has not fully been discovered yet. Paetyn has been diagnosed with Cerebellum Ataxia, Appendic Ataxia, and Truncal ataxia. These conditions cause Paetyn to struggle with coordination, balance, tremors, involuntary movement, sensory processing delay, and other challenges. 


Paetyn loves to play with bubbles, slime, and playing in the water. She loves Toy Story and Wreck-It Ralph. She's a lover of ALL food. Her personality shines through.


Paetyn is nonverbal, but at her therapy sessions, she would go over to the adaptive bike and sit on the wheel or stand by it to tell her therapist that she wants to ride the bike!



American Mobility Project is excited to give Paetyn a grant toward a bike built just for her! An adaptive cycle will allow Paetyn to play with her brother and cousins on their little tricycles and feel included while allowing her to be safe and exercise properly. This bike also allows some of Paetyn's grandparents to spend more time with her while she is safe. The simple enjoyment of riding a bike and playing outside is excellent for Paetyn and her family!

UPDATE: Paetyn received her adaptive bicycle Christmastime 2023. American Mobility Project is excited to see Paetyn enjoy more quality time with her family while allowing Paetyn to feel safe and included. Go Paetyn!



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