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iBOT Mobility Device Recipient

A diving accident in 2005 broke Derek O’Brien’s neck at C6-C7, causing quadriplegia. Never has he let this stop him.

Derek is a 2013 graduate of the University of Maine with a degree in New Media and currently works as a video editor. He also advocates for people with disabilities by serving on many committees in his community in Portland, Maine.


Derek was an original iBOT user. When his original iBOT was no longer functional, Derek describes his loss of the mobility device as feeling like he was paralyzed all over again. A generous donation to American Mobility Project from a donor in Derek’s region allowed AMP to get Derek the new iBOT Mobility Device. We could not be happier for him.

Derek loves to cook, and it’s a joy to follow his cooking, plating, and photography skills @theibotguy on Instagram. The iBOT is instrumental in Derek’s ability to live independently. We are so thankful the iBOT has given you much of your independence back, Derek. Now get up to those top shelves and inspire us to do better in our own kitchens.

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