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Trey Lane

iBOT Personal Mobility Device

Trey Lane was born in 2005 with a condition called Muccopolysaccharidosis, a very rare life-threatening genetic disorder that causes a buildup in his system. As a result, his bones do not grow. There are many other with many other side effects as well. At 16 years old, Trey is only three feet tall.


Trey grew up in Chandler, Arizona. His dad is a police officer, and his mom is a flight attendant. Like many boys his age, he loves video games and sports. When Trey was younger, he played every sport from soccer to flag football and swimming.   In junior high school, he was the manager of the flag football and soccer teams. When high school, he was the football team manager for a couple of years.


Trey enjoys going to the movies with his friends. Swimming in the Arizona heat with friends is also a great activity, and game night with family is especially fun.


Like many juniors in high school, Trey is looking for a job. After high school, Trey says he plans to attend Chandler-Gilbert Community college for two years and "see where that takes me. I'd love to be a voice actor, a football assistant, and even interior design has begun to interest me."


Trey's height keeps him from sitting securely at the kitchen island, and to reach most anything in the kitchen, he must use a step stool.


American Mobility Project has awarded Trey an iBOT Personal Mobility Device. The chair will change his social life because it will help bring him up to a height with everyone else and help him with his future jobs. When Trey thinks about it, he says there are so many more exciting things this device can help him do, but he is most looking forward to being 6 feet tall and going through rugged trails and walks with family and friends.


Trey is driven by himself and his own "though truth." His advice is always to stay tough and believe in your own truth. As his life continues and he grows into an adult, Trey is discovering his capabilities. He is also a pretty fun and hilarious guy.


Go out and do big things, Trey. We're all cheering you on. 

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