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Alohi Zuniga was born in 2017 at 27 weeks but presented at 25 weeks and was born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and had experienced bleeding on the brain. She is developmentally delayed physically and mentally and requires extensive care. She struggled to survive and thrive from the beginning, but she is a survivor.


Alohi lives in Tennessee with her father, Mario, and her grandmother and step-grandfather, who help raise her in a loving home and caring environment. She is currently under the care of several specialists at Erlanger's Children's Hospital, who works with Alohi and her family to improve her physical and mental abilities. As she grows, Alohi's family seeks new ways to enhance her abilities and care. She enjoys being outside on her swing and going for walks.


American Mobility Project, through the generous donations of the foundation's supporters, has awarded Alohi with a specially adapted bicycle from Freedom Concepts. Make many fun memories with your bike, Alohi!

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