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Aayan Patel

Freedom Concept Bicycle

Aayan's bio as written by his parents.


Aayan is a wonderful five-year-old boy born on July 7, 2017, at St. Thomas Hospital in Murfreesboro, TN. Aayan had delayed milestones, but we were unaware of what was causing the delays until he was 18 months old. Aayan could not walk at 18 months, so we were a little more concerned and got some tests done. We discovered that he had no muscle tone in his body, and due to that, he is all over the place, along with gross and motor skills delays. Aayan currently goes to several therapies to improve his skills and works hard to achieve his goals. He gets Occupation, speech, and physical therapy at Special Kids. Aayan goes to Erma Siegel Elementary School, kindergarten. Aayan enjoys going to school and his therapies. He looks forward even on his days off from school and wants to attend school.


We, as a family, prioritize Aayan. Aayan is a very smart and brilliant child. I have gone through 5-6 different bikes to teach him how to ride a bike, and I almost gave up, thinking he was not going to get it. One day I was surprised when I saw the video sent by the PT where I saw him riding a Freedom Concept Mobility Bike, and I had tears in my eyes seeing him ride and pedal. Aayan's favorite activity is to color and play with playdough. We would appreciate it if we could get the grant so my son can ride a bike with his friends and not feel left out. Aayan is a very friendly boy who loves everyone and is very easygoing. He is always happy and smiling. His teacher calls him a ray of sunshine. He is a very lovable child.

We're so happy Aayan is going to get his bike and enjoy riding with his friends. 

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