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Kasey Yates is a Clarksville, TN teenager and student at Clarksville Christian School. Kasey was born with Spina Bifida, and never has he let this stop him. His parents are always there to provide Kasey with support and encouragement.

Kasey has played sled hockey since he was six years old. He is on the Sled Preds Hockey team in Nashville, TN, and is the youngest player. He loves to travel with the team, and the competition drives him to do great things—on and off the ice.

Kasey was awarded an iBOT Personal Mobility Device from American Mobility Project in February 2021 and traveled to New Hampshire to pick it up. One of Kasey’s favorite things to do (besides hockey, of course) is to hang out with his family and friends and loves being at eye level with his peers. He’s not objected to the speed and versatility of the iBOT either. Watch out, folks. Here comes Kasey!

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