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Meg Branscome is a 15 year old Clarksville, TN teen who loves people and new experiences. She is daughter to Eric and Devyn and little sister to Hope. Meg was born with a rare genetic diagnosis of Mowat-Wilson Syndrome affecting many areas of her health, including her heart, GI tract, and neurological function, making independence challenging.


Meg can walk for short periods with handheld support but requires a chair for long outings and excursions. Despite challenges, she has always enjoyed being active and participating in new experiences with friends and family and she is a very social gal!  Seasonally, Meg loves bike rides on her adaptive bike, visiting various greenways and parks, exploring a corn maze or pumpkin patch in the fall. Each summer since its beginning, Meg has participated in the Tri My Best Triathlon at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.


Over the years, Meg’s family has discovered how challenging it can be to access all the things she’s interested in doing. Even when an event or trail has been labeled as accessible, it is not always the case for every person and their wheelchair. One size does not, in fact, fit all. It can be disheartening to have to turn around half way down a trail, or in the middle of a pumpkin patch or outdoor festival, because your wheelchair is stuck and can’t roll over the terrain any further.


Meg and her family are thrilled Meg they received a new All Terrain Chair from American Mobility Project in August, 2020. This incredible chair comes with interchangeable wheels and ski components that will travel over sand, grass, gravel, rocks, and snow. Meg’s new chair make it possible to experience the beach and roll ALL the way into the ocean! Meg will be able to ski in Colorado the next time she visits her Uncle and Aunt. Now, Meg now has the opportunities locally to experience more of the trails at Rotary Park, Dunbar Cave and other greenways that are only accessible to a point with standard wheelchair wheels. Being out in nature is just plain good for the soul. Meg’s family is filled with gratitude that Meg was chosen to receive a unique chair that will further bless her in this way.  When you see Meg at the park, a festival or Miss Lucille’s Marketplace, be sure to say hello!  We’re love to see where you and family adventure, Meg.

All Terrain Wheelchair Recipient


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