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Adaptive Transportation

Caleb Moser was born healthy in 2004. Abused by his birth parents at three months old, he was shaken and smothered, his legs and feet were broken, and he was left without care. After 17 hours, his birth parents finally took him to the hospital. Caleb now lives with extreme brain damage with a cognitive level of a three-month-old. He is non-verbal, non-ambulatory, tube fed, and suffers from seizures and multiple other medical issues.


After spending time in a foster home, Caleb was adopted by Patricia Moser when he was three years old. He now lives a happy life and loves to go for car rides and other short trips to be around people, and he loves music. He is sweet and much like a precious infant, even though he is now a teenager.


An unique opportunity for an accessible van became available to American Mobility Project  and the foundation is pleased that Caleb and Patricia now have a way to get Caleb out for his enjoyable rides and medical appointments, to socialize, and listen to music that makes Caleb so happy.

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