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iBOT Personal Mobility Device

JODY RIGGSJody Riggs is a retired USAF MSgt with over 24 years of military service. He was a KC-135 andKC-10 air crew member performing inflight refueling. Jody served multiple deployments and flew over 200 combat missions. He has received multiple Air and Air Achievement medals.Jody continued traveling the world after retiring from the military as an instructor load master on the MD-11 and B-747 for Western Global Airline.


Jody has been happily married to his wife, Christina, for over 31 years. They have two children.Jody and Christina have a small farm in Tennessee and enjoy country life with all their animals.They treasure their family time and enjoy going to concerts, antiquing, museums, and races. Jody loves working on classic cars and driving his tractor around his property. He also enjoys woodworking and making pens in his workshop.


Life changed on November 3, 2022, when Jody suffered a major stroke while on a layover inGermany. He required emergency surgery to stop the brain bleed from an aneurysm. Jody’s left side of his body was affected leaving him with left side deficits and daily seizures. He spent over two weeks in a German hospital before being medivac back to a hospital in Nashville TN.Jody spent an additional month in the hospital receiving rehab to relearn how to do everyday task from a wheelchair. 

After testing the iBOT Personal Mobility Device at the Linfoot home, Jody knew this piece of technology would enhance his independence.  American Mobility Project awarded Jody an iBOT and he will picked it up in New Hampshire in October of 2023.   He has been enjoying the new mobility and all the opportunities it provides. 



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