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iBOT Personal Mobility Device Recipient 

Emily is a high school sophomore in Clarksville, TN. Like most girls her age, she likes playing on her phone and hanging out with her friends. Emily recently learned how to shoot a gun and her instructor nicknamed her Annie Oakley! Her witty personality and strength make her a joy to be around. 


When Emily was five years old, the car she was riding in was hit head-on by a vehicle driven by a drunk driver. The crash was horrific and Emily and her aunt survived, but Emily was paralyzed from the waist down. Her aunt made a full recovery. 


Today, Emily thrives in her environment because of her great support system, led by her mother, Stephanie. Emily’s hard work and never-ending dedication to her health and fitness program keep her fit and strong.


Because of the generosity of American Mobility Project's donors, Emily received her new, state of the art iBot mobility device in July 2020.  This chair allows Emily to raise herself to eye level, go up and down stairs and curbs, travel easily across a football or soccer field and much more---just like her peers! Emily has been able to cook with her grandmothers!   She loves to be in balance mode where she can be eye to eye with others and sit at the high top tables. A trip to the beach is scheduled this month!. Emily loves the freedom to navigate unimproved terrain and be able to go more places.   

There is a lot of excitement for the independence this gives Emily. Her family and friends are excited for her to be able to join them in more activities. Emily's energy and desire to live a full life make her the perfect first beneficiary of the American Mobility Project!  We love ya, Em! Your personality keeps us on our toes and keeps our hearts smiling.

You can learn more about the iBOT mobility device on Mobius Mobility.

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